What Does Occult Do in Elden Ring?

Venture into the heart of the enigmatic lands of Elden Ring, an open-world RPG that amalgamates the creative brilliance of George R. R. Martin and the esteemed FromSoftware team. In this sprawling, atmospheric world, myth and mystery blend seamlessly to weave a narrative tapestry as complex and nuanced as it is engaging.

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Chart your path as a Tarnished, beckoned by the Elden Ring’s call, to traverse breathtaking landscapes—from towering castles to shattered plains, dense forests to haunting catacombs. With a vibrant day and night cycle, ever-changing weather patterns, and an intricate ecosystem, Elden Ring presents an environment that lives and breathes with you, reacting and evolving with each decision you make.

Your battles will be titanic, your adversaries formidable. FromSoftware’s signature punishing yet rewarding combat system returns, enhanced and expanded to incorporate a wide array of magical abilities, weaponry, and character builds. With each victory and defeat, you will learn, adapt, and grow stronger, deepening your bond with the unforgiving yet captivating world of Elden Ring.

If you yearn for adventure, if you thrive on challenge, if you dare to tread where heroes fear to step—Elden Ring awaits. Summon your courage, steel your will, and embrace the darkness. This isn’t just a game. It’s an epic saga that’s yours to write.

So, prepare your swords and spells, and descend into legend. Elden Ring beckons. Will you answer the call? Your journey begins now.

What Does Occult Do in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the Occult is an arcane energy that primarily adds Arcane physical scaling to weapons, amplifying their damage output. When paired with weapons with innate bleed or poison effects, Occult increases the weapon’s damage and keeps the status ailment buildup high, creating a powerful dual-effect. However, it’s essential to note that using Occult on a weapon prohibits it from being buffed with an Ash of War, a modifier that grants additional effects.

  • Arcane Scaling Enhancement: The Occult primarily boosts the Arcane physical scaling of weapons, thereby significantly increasing the damage output.
  • Status Ailment Buildup: When applied to weapons with innate status effects like bleeding or poison, Occult keeps the status ailment buildup high while enhancing the weapon’s damage.
  • Arcane Stat Dependence: The power of Occult increases with the player’s Arcane stat. The higher the Arcane stat, the more potent the Occult effect becomes.
  • Limitations on Weapon Buffs: Using Occult prevents weapons from being buffed with an Ash of War, a potent weapon modifier that can add additional effects.
  • Strategic Utilization: Despite its limitations, Occult can be a potent tool for players focusing on high Arcane stat builds and weapons with inherent status effects.

One of the first things to understand when using Occult in Elden Ring is that its power is derived from the Arcane stat of the player character. The higher the Arcane stat, the more influential the Occult effect becomes. This means that players who want to use Occult to its fullest potential must focus on improving their Arcane stat as much as possible.

Secondly, the Occult has a unique way of interacting with weapons with native status effects, such as bleed or poison. When a player uses Occult on such a weapon, it enhances the Arcane physical scaling of the weapon, resulting in more damage dealt. However, it does not eliminate the weapon’s original status effect. Instead, it maintains a high buildup rate for the status effect, such as bleed or poison, while increasing the weapon’s physical damage.

This combination of status effect buildup and increased physical damage makes Occult extremely effective for dealing with enemies susceptible to status effects. The improved physical damage can take down foes quickly, while the status effect buildup can weaken them over time or trigger debilitating effects.

For example, if a player used an Occult-enhanced weapon with an innate bleed effect against an enemy susceptible to bleeding, they could deal significant physical damage with each hit while also causing the enemy to bleed. The bleeding effect would slowly drain the enemy’s health, making the fight easier for the player.

While the benefits of using Occult are clear, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. One of the significant limitations of Occult is that it prevents weapons from being buffed with an Ash of War. Ashes of War are powerful weapon modifiers that can provide additional effects, such as inflicting status ailments or adding elemental damage. However, if a player chooses to use Occult on their weapon, they will not be able to use an Ash of War on that weapon. This means they must choose between the Occult’s benefits and an Ash of War.

Despite this limitation, the benefits of using Occult can outweigh the potential loss of an Ash of War, especially for players who have invested heavily in their Arcane stat. The enhanced physical damage and maintained status effect buildup provided by Occult can make weapons incredibly powerful, allowing players to deal with even the most formidable enemies in Elden Ring.

In conclusion, Occult in Elden Ring is a unique and powerful tool that can significantly enhance a player’s combat abilities, especially when combined with a high Arcane stat and weapons with native status effects. While it has limitations, such as preventing the use of an Ash of War, its benefits can make it a vital part of any player’s arsenal. As always, the key to mastering Occult, like any tool in Elden Ring, is understanding how it works and using it strategically to overcome the game’s challenges.



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