Apex Legends Console vs. PC! – Is Apex Harder on PC or Console?

Often, the choice between playing Apex Legends on PC or console is based not only on the hardware’s capabilities but also on the player’s preferences and skill set. For example, some people may have spent most of their gaming life on a console, making the transition to a PC difficult. Others might be used to the fluidity and control that a mouse and keyboard setup offers on a PC and therefore struggle when using a console controller.

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When discussing player skill, it is essential to understand that a significant portion depends on the player’s experience and the time invested in learning and mastering the game mechanics. While it’s true that PC players may have an edge in certain aspects, like precision aiming and higher FPS, it doesn’t automatically translate to them being better players overall. Plenty of highly skilled console players can outperform PC players because they have mastered the unique mechanics and controls of their preferred platform.

Furthermore, it’s not unusual to see high-level play and intense competition on both platforms. The player’s dedication, understanding of the game mechanics, and skill will ultimately determine their performance, regardless of the platform they play on.

Is Apex Harder on PC or Console?

Apex is harder on the console for me than on the PC. PC gameplay often allows for more precise controls and higher graphical performance, while consoles offer a more substantial aim to assist in balancing the less precise nature of controllers.

However, neither platform inherently presents more difficulty than the other, as gameplay challenges largely depend on the individual player’s skill, strategy, and understanding of the game mechanics.

Whether Apex Legends is harder on PC or console depends mainly on player familiarity and skill with each platform.

Apex Legends Console vs. PC!


  1. Controls: Console players use controllers, which may make precise aiming and complex movements more challenging.
  2. Aim Assist: Console aim assist is generally more substantial due to the less precise nature of controllers, offering an advantage in close-range combat.
  3. Difficulty in long-range combat: Accounting for bullet drop and travel speed can be more demanding on consoles, making long-range fights more challenging.
  4. Standardized Performance: Consoles provide a consistent experience as everyone plays on the same level regarding hardware capabilities.
  5. Comfort: This platform might provide a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience for players used to gaming on consoles.


  1. Controls: PC players use a mouse and keyboard, which can offer more precise control over aiming and movement.
  2. Aim Assist: While aim assist is also present on PC, it is generally less potent due to the precision a mouse can offer.
  3. The advantage in long-range combat: The mouse and keyboard setup on PCs can make it easier to account for bullet drop and travel speed, giving an advantage in mid to long-range fights.
  4. Higher FPS: PCs, especially high-end ones, can often run Apex Legends at a higher frame rate, which can make gameplay feel smoother.
  5. Customizable Graphics: PCs offer the possibility of tweaking graphical settings to balance visual quality and performance.
  6. Comfort: For those who have spenmuchir gaming time on PCs, this platform might provide a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience.


Another factor to consider is the game’s visual performance. PC gamers have the advantage of tweaking their graphics settings to achieve the ideal balance between visual quality and performance. Higher-end PCs can run Apex Legends at higher resolutions and frame rates than consoles, providing smoother gameplay and better visual detail. On the other hand, consoles offer a more standardized experience where everyone plays on more or less the same level in terms of hardware capabilities.

Despite the arguments presented above, console players should not feel discouraged. Apex Legends has been designed to be accessible and enjoyable on all platforms. The developers at Respawn Entertainment have done an excellent job balancing the game and ensuring that it’s fair, regardless of whether you’re playing on a PC or console.

That being said, the perceived advantage that PC players have may not be as significant as it seems. Console aim assist, while less subtle than PC’s, is an excellent equalizer and can certainly bridge the gap in precision that a controller inherently has when compared to a mouse. Also, games like Apex Legends, which rely heavily on strategic movement and positioning, ensure that winning isn’t solely dependent on who can aim better.

So, while playing Apex Legends on console is arguably more challenging due to controller limitations and the above factors, it doesn’t mean console players are less skilled or have less potential than their PC counterparts. They may face a higher skill ceiling and need to work a little harder to overcome the inherent limitations of their platform. However, it’s still about understanding the game, making the right decisions, and having fun.

In conclusion, Apex Legends, like most games, will be more challenging or more accessible depending on the player’s familiarity and comfort with the platform they are using. The best platform for you is the one you enjoy most and feel comfortable playing on. Both PC and console have pros and cons, but neither inherently makes you a better player. The time and effort you put into the game will determine your success. After all, the critical goal of gaming is to have fun. So whether you are on a PC or console, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time playing Apex Legends.



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