What are the Ranks in 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool, developed by Miniclip, is a viral online multiplayer game that allows players to test their skills against others worldwide. As players progress in the game, they ascend through various ranks, which signify their expertise and achievement level and determine the competitiveness of the matches they will be in.

8 ball pool online game


8 Ball Pool Online Game Rank Levels:

  1. 1-2 Beginner
  2. 3-5 Trainee
  3. 6-9 Amateur
  4. 10-14 Hustler
  5. 15-20 Hotshot
  6. 21-27 Virtuoso
  7. 28-35 Expert
  8. 36-44 Veteran
  9. 45-54 Semi-Pro
  10. 55-65 Professional
  11. 66-77 Master
  12. 78-90 Champ
  13. 91-104 Superstar
  14. 105-119 Hero
  15. 120-136 Legend
  16. 137-150 Immortal
  17. 151-162 Emperor
  18. 163-201 High Emperor
  19. 202-260 High Sovereign
  20. 261-349 Grand Sovereign
  21. 350-483 Grand Overlord
  22. 484-683 Galactic Overlord
  23. 684-998 Universal Overlord
  24. 999 Supreme Being


1-2 Beginner: Every player’s journey in the 8 Ball Pool begins at the Beginner rank. These initial levels provide an excellent opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s essential rules and mechanics, such as pocketing balls, aiming, adjusting cue strength, etc. Players will also learn about the game’s interface and features, such as in-game currency, buying cues, etc.

3-5 Trainee: As a Trainee, the player has gotten past the absolute basics and started to develop an understanding of the game. Players start to better grasp aiming, timing, and choosing which balls to pocket in which order. The competition is still relatively low, providing a forgiving learning environment.

6-9 Amateur: The player faces slightly more experienced opponents at the Amateur rank. It is crucial at this stage to develop more advanced skills like spin control, ball positioning, and the ability to plan shots. A systematic approach to the game begins to evolve at this stage.

10-14 Hustler: Hustlers have understood the game well. At this level, strategic play is more pronounced. Players will develop their unique playing styles and better understand the different cue options available and how they can affect gameplay.

15-20 Hotshot: Hotshot players are now well-acquainted with the game’s nuances. They can confidently execute complex shots and are increasingly strategic about ball placement. Hotshots often demonstrate superior control over their cues and have mastered applying spin to the cue ball.

21-27 Virtuoso: Virtuosos are considerably skilled players. They often possess excellent strategic planning, predicting multiple shots. They demonstrate high proficiency in advanced techniques, including backspin, topspin, and sidespin. Virtuosos are distinguished by their ability to capitalize on opponents’ mistakes while minimizing their own.

28-35 Expert: Reaching the Expert rank signifies a high degree of skill and experience in 8 Ball Pool. Expert players often have a deep understanding of ball physics, master complex shot techniques, and consistently win matches. These players effectively manage the in-game economy, investing wisely in cues and other enhancements.

36-44 Veteran: Veterans have shown continued dedication and skill improvement in the game. With hundreds of games under their belts, they can often quickly make challenging shots and demonstrate advanced strategic planning. They know the game’s meta and can adapt their playstyle according to their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

45-54 Semi-Pro: The Semi-Pro rank is where the competition gets more intense. Semi-Pro players are often accomplished, demonstrating refined skills and a deep understanding of 8 Ball Pool’s mechanics. They usually have a high win rate and are proficient at complex shots and strategies.

55-65 Professional: Players exhibit excellent mastery over the game at the Professional level. They demonstrate superior skills, strategy, and tactical thinking. A Professional often thinks several shots ahead, takes advantage of sophisticated shot techniques and adjusts their strategy dynamically during games.

66-77 Master: Reaching the Master rank requires significant skill and dedication. These players often possess excellent shot accuracy, exceptional strategy planning, and a deep understanding of game physics. Their gameplay is characterized by consistency, superior cue control, and high win rates.

78-90 Champ: Champs are among the elite players in the 8 Ball Pool. Their games showcase superior strategy, precision, and control. These players have mastered using different cues and know precisely when and how to execute every possible shot, even under pressure.

91-104 Superstar: Superstars are top-tier players who consistently win against strong competitors. They demonstrate exceptional control, precision, and strategy in their games. They have mastered all aspects of 8 Ball Pool and have high win streaks, showing their remarkable skill and experience.

105-119 Hero: Heroes are legendary players whose skills and strategy are at the pinnacle of what 8 Ball Pool offers. They consistently defeat top-tier players and have flawless cue control and strategic planning. Their gameplay is a testament to their deep understanding of the game, its physics, and its nuances.

120-136 Legend: Legends represent the top echelon of 8 Ball Pool players. With near-perfect control, exceptional strategy, and a deep understanding of the game, Legends have mastered 8 Ball Pool to a degree few players can match. They have high win rates, even with the most formidable opponents.

137-150 Immortal: The Immortal rank is a player’s highest rank in the 8 Ball Pool. Immortals represent the crème de la crème of the game, boasting impeccable skills, unbeatable strategies, and an almost flawless winning streak. They have transcended all other ranks and are the epitome of 8 Ball Pool mastery.

163 – 201 High Emperor: Players at this stage have proven their mettle on the green felt many times over. The rank of High Emperor signifies mastery of advanced tactics and excellent proficiency in cue control, shot planning, and game strategy. Players at this level are skilled at thinking multiple shots ahead, ensuring a strategic advantage over their opponents. High Emperors are distinguished by their excellent track records and impressive win rates, regularly overcoming tough competition.

202 – 260 High Sovereign: High Sovereigns have ascended further up the 8 Ball Pool rankings. These players have not just mastered the game’s mechanics and tactics, but they have also cultivated an intuitive understanding of the game’s ebbs and flows. High Sovereigns display superior skill under challenging shots and exhibit advanced strategies. They have a deeper comprehension of the game and can adapt to varying play styles of opponents, making them formidable contenders.

261 – 349 Grand Sovereign: The rank of Grand Sovereign is held by players who have perfected their skills and strategy to an exceptional level. They demonstrate top-tier precision, superior strategic planning, and unrivaled control over the game. Their proficiency in complex shot techniques, understanding of ball physics, and strategic planning makes them some of the most formidable players in the game.

350 – 483 Grand Overlord: Stepping into the realm of Grand Overlords, players at this level are among the elite in the 8 Ball Pool. Their gameplay exhibits near-flawless strategy, precision, and control. Grand Overlords are often known for their high win streaks, showcasing their extraordinary skill and experience. They deeply understand the game’s intricacies and can handle any situation with aplomb.

484 – 683 Galactic Overlord: Galactic Overlords represent a small fraction of players who have reached astronomical heights in their 8 Ball Pool journey. This rank signifies almost perfect game mastery, exceptional shot precision, advanced strategic thinking, and the ability to win consistently under pressure. The Galactic Overlord rank showcases a player’s profound understanding of the 8 Ball Pool and commitment to the game.

684 – 998 Universal Overlord: Universal Overlords stand at the pinnacle of 8 Ball Pool gameplay. This rank is achieved by players who’ve perfected every aspect of the game and demonstrated an uncanny ability to adapt their strategies based on their opponents’ play styles. Universal Overlords have mastered all the game’s nuances, boasting almost impeccable control and precision in their shots. They command respect and admiration from the 8 Ball Pool community for their awe-inspiring skills and consistency.

999 Supreme Being: The Supreme Being rank is the absolute apex of 8 Ball Pool ranks, reserved for genuinely extraordinary players. These players have transcended all other ranks, representing the very epitome of 8 Ball Pool mastery. Supreme Beings boast an almost unbeatable winning streak and have mastered the game to the degree few can match. Their gameplay showcases near-flawless strategy, unmatched precision, and excellent cue control. Players at this level are revered in the 8 Ball Pool community and are the true masters of the game.

In conclusion, the rank levels in the 8 Ball Pool offer a transparent progression system that rewards skill, experience, and strategy. As players advance through the ranks, they face increasingly challenging opponents and must continually refine and adapt their skills to keep up. The ranking system provides a sense of progression and achievement. It ensures that players are matched against others of similar skill levels, keeping the game competitive and engaging at all stages.



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