Where to Find a GPU in DMZ?

“Call of Duty Warzone 2” introduces a unique game mode called DMZ, set in the fictional city of Al Mazrah. Unlike the typical battle royale objective, DMZ tasks players with looting and escaping alive in sandbox-style gameplay. In this mode, players are spawned randomly on the Al Mazrah map, equipped with various gear. The game operates on a single-life system, though players can be revived under certain conditions.

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Players are free to engage in side objectives, confront enemy players or AI foes, and scavenge valuable items while trying to survive and extract from the game zone. Teams can also take on missions from one of three in-game factions, advancing a narrative involving a power struggle between these groups. Other objectives include Contracts and World Activities reminiscent of battle royale mechanics. After accomplishing missions, players must call for extraction while avoiding AI soldiers and rival players. Successfully extracted items are stored for future games, with some items unlocking features for other game modes. Despite its recent launch, DMZ started as a beta, suggesting further refinements and expansions are planned.

Where to Find a GPU in DMZ?

In the game DMZ, GPUs can be found in supply chests or by searching computers, especially around specific locations like police stations, office buildings, and main Strongholds. However, they are sporadic to come across.

  1. Source of GPUs:
    • Supply Chests: These containers are scattered throughout the game world, possibly hidden or placed strategically. Opening these chests offers players various items, with the GPU being one of the potential high-value finds.
    • Computers: Within the game’s environment, there are interactive computers. Searching or interacting with these computers can yield various rewards, one of which might be the GPU.
  2. Prime Locations:
    • Police Stations: Given the importance and security generally associated with police stations, it’s plausible that players might find valuable items like GPUs there. Exploring such sites becomes a risk-reward scenario, as other players might have the same idea, leading to potential confrontations.
    • Office Buildings: These structures, abundant with computers and electronic equipment, are logical places for players to search for GPUs.
    • Main Strongholds: A stronghold in gaming typically refers to a fortified or heavily guarded place, making it a challenge to infiltrate. The promise of high-reward items like the GPU can lure players to these areas, but the inherent dangers of such places also mean players must weigh the risks.
  3. Rarity:
    • Due to its high in-game value and significance in mission progression, the GPU is intentionally made rare. Its scarcity ensures that coming across a GPU remains a significant event for the player, adding to the excitement and challenge of the game. It also promotes exploration, as players are incentivized to search thoroughly and strategize where to look to increase their chances of finding this valuable item.

In the DMZ game mode of “Call of Duty Warzone 2,” the GPU, short for Graphics Processing Unit, is portrayed as a high-value in-game item. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Role and Significance: Unlike its real-world counterpart, which is a crucial component in computers for rendering graphics, the GPU in the DMZ game serves as a sought-after in-game item, a form of valuable loot.
  2. Economic Value: One of the reasons players highly covet the GPU is its economic worth within the game’s ecosystem. Selling a GPU yields a substantial amount of in-game currency, with a notable price of $16,000.
  3. Scarcity: Due to its high value, the GPU is exceptionally rare. This rarity is designed to maintain its significance and desirability, making finding a GPU a challenging and rewarding experience for players.
  4. Mission Requirement: Beyond its economic worth, the GPU also functions in gameplay. To progress in specific faction missions within DMZ, players are tasked with finding and delivering a GPU to a specific location, in this case, a cemetery. This mission component adds another layer of importance to the GPU, making it not just a valuable item to be sold but also a key to advancing the game’s narrative or objectives.

In summary, the GPU in the DMZ game mode serves multiple purposes: a valuable trade item due to its high resale value and a critical component for mission progression, emphasizing its importance and the thrill of finding one during gameplay.



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